More than a pastime,
this is our passion.

Our mission is to empower home improvement contractors to build better businesses so they can lead better lives.



At Webrunner, we believe there’s a better way for home improvement contractors to market their services online. A less chaotic, more reliable way to generate quality leads that allows for sustained growth over the long term.

We’re obsessively passionate about it, and it led us to develop a marketing system made exclusively for contractors so that they can spend less time worrying about leads and more time booking jobs and delivering great work.



It's not work if you love it

Meet the squad

Marc Levesque
Sales & Business Development

Kevin Donnelly
Operations & Customer Success

Ben Levesque
Content Marketing Strategist

Kyle Furlong
Creative Director

Tanja Andersson
Customer Success Manager

Victor Adascalitei
Production Designer



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With hard work comes

Awesome goodies!

Flex Time

Work whenever you're most productive. If that's not 9-5, then so be it.

Remote Work

Office desks are cool but if you can get the job done while hiking the grand canyon, good on ya!

Fitness Allowance

Whether you prefer pumping iron over Zumba classes, we think your health should come first.


Healthy snacks galore to keep your mind focussed and your tummy happy.


Life Insurance, Healthcare, Dental plan, Massotherapy, Eye-exams. Our plan kicks a**!

4-Day Week

Once a month, schedule a 4-Day work week. #winning

Learning Fund

As Einstein would say, "once you stop learning, you start dying".

Good Vibes

Great team chemistry with too many senseless jokes to mention.


Think you have what it takes?

Then get in here!